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Travelling isn’t all running into the sea and posing from mountaintops. There are those ‘lull’ moments when you’ll be bored or want to kill time, be it an endlessly dull bus journey, an unexpected flight delay or just waiting a couple of minutes for your coffee order to arrive. For these types of situations, we’ve come up with a list of our top 8 games to travel with which will help make the time go by that little bit quicker. Plus, some of them double up as fun little icebreakers. You can thank us later.

Monopoly Deal

Monopoly Deal has the first mention because it’s our absolute favourite game to travel with. It’s monopoly, but card version. Different rules but same arguments (only half-kidding). The game usually lasts around 15 minutes, maybe even less if you’re playing against a merciless opponent like Sara. It’s compact, and lightweight which makes it one of the easier games to travel with.

How our Monopoly Deal games usually go


It’s a bit like scrabble sped up and without the points per letter. The aim of Bananagrams is simple: the first one to use up all of their letters is the winner. Move around the letter tiles as much as you want and make sure each word in the grid is connected.

A bit more awkward to travel with given its shape, so perhaps not the right purchase if you’ve got a strict weight allowance that you need to work with. There’s an online version too but to be honest, you’re best of playing the real thing. It’s one of those games that doesn’t work as well in digital version.


Thank you to the New York Times for bringing this game into our lives. This is a web-based game so all you need to do is type wordle into your browser and then play the game for at no cost. For those who played mastermind growing up, it’s slightly similar but with words rather than colourful plastic pins. Use some strategic thinking to guess the five letter word of the day. If you fancy challenging yourself even further then try Quordle once you’ve nailed the basics. The one drawback of this game is that you can only play once per day.

Worldle – Guess the country

Very fitting for all of the travellers out there. In a game of worldle, you’ll be shown the outline of a country and have a few guesses to figure out what the country is. Afterwards, there are some bonus rounds to try. Say the original answer Spain. The bonus questions will then be; what countries neighbour Spain, what does the Spanish flag look like, what’s the capital of Spain and what’s the population size. It’s one of those fun learning games. Like wordle there’s the same downside: you can only play one session per day.


You can’t go wrong with sudoku, and lucky for us there are so many platforms to play it on – be it digital sudoku or an actual book itself. For our solo travelling, this is our preferred choice of game. After all, it can be a bit annoying having someone peer over your should and whispering “6 goes there, which means 2 must go there”. Having an endless number of puzzles at your disposal earned it a spot on our list of games to travel with.


Another easy game to carry around with you, but you’ll need at least one other player for. If you don’t know the game, it’s simple enough. You have to describe the word on the card without using the taboo words. For instance, the word is ‘palace’ but the taboo words listed underneath are ‘king, queen, Buckingham, castle. You’ll have to try and explain ‘palace’ without using any of the taboo words. ‘A person from the royal family lives here’, or ‘it’s a place where some very rich people live – way bigger than a mansion’.

Set yourself a time limit and see how many words your teammates can guess. You can buy a card deck or play the online version.


This is a game if you’ve got a lot of time to kill – we’re talking cancelled train and long wait until the next kind of level. If you’ve played the boardgame, you’ll know that its about haggling, trading and strategic thinking. Thankfully, you don’t need to carry some awkward sized board in your backpack. There’s now an online version that you can download. To make for a good game, you’ll need to play with at least four people.


Uno is a classic. This doubles up perfectly as a way to kill time or as an icebreaker because it’s known by so many. We’ve been to dozen of hostel and seen an uno pack resting on the book shelf. It’s easy to carry, its light and its a fun way to pass the time.

Wrap Up

Our 8 favourite games to travel with comes from a long list. If you think there are some worthy of a mention then drop us a comment below so we can all give it a play.

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