5 reasons why you should work remotely

Working remotely was something we’d never considered before the pandemic. Now, it’s something we’re actively looking for when we’re job hunting. Remote working opportunities. Sold. We’re applying for that job. With a few remote working gigs under our belt, we’ve written our list of 5 reasons why you should work remotely – and why we love it.

Free to live in different places

Get restless easy? Like to move around a lot? You can do that with remote working. We did the whole 9-5 office job, featuring the 30 minute train commute. Not a fan. With a remote job, we can set up base somewhere for a few weeks or a few months, and then move on to another city or country when we’re ready. A week in Sofia, then a couple of weeks in Bucharest, and then maybe a month in Lahore. It’s a lifestyle that we’re suited to and one that’s far from mundane. Personally, this is our favourite perk from our 5 reasons why you should work remotely list.

Travel while you work

And while we’re on the subject of travel. Working remotely gives you the chance to travel. Hold up though – don’t believe what you see on Instagram. It’s not a case of 80% travel and 20% work. We’d put the same amount of hours in as we would back in our respective home countries. The difference: with our free time we’d check out the new country that we were temporarily living in and meet new people, rather than go home and crash out in front of the TV for the rest of the evening.

More productive

Ok, so this is a person-depending perk but we noticed that we were a lot more productive when we worked remotely. We spend a few solid hours getting all of our work done, motivated by the fact that once we were done we’d get to explore the foreign place where we staying – we were far more focused. Oh, and caffeine helped with that too. Changing our surroundings helped keep our productivity levels high.

Spending our money on the things we like

If we were renting back in our home countries then our salary would go to rent costs, (mortgages? Yeah, that’s way out of reach for us – thanks housing crisis!) and utility bills. We’d save for travels, but it would take a while given that there’d be a hundred other things we’d need to be paying for. Our remote work situation is this: we get paid, and that money goes straight to the travelling. Could be the Airbnb where we’re staying for a month, or it could be a day trip that we’ve got lined up. We’re spending the money we make on things that will keep us on the road.

More flexibility

It’s not always the case but we’ve noticed that remote jobs can also be more flexible with their hours. There’s less of a strict 9-5 routine and more of an ‘as long as you put in the hours, then we’re ok with what time you clock in and clock out’. There’s also more flexibility when it comes to the jobs you’re applying for. Ellie’s never set foot in Singapore but has worked for a Singaporean-based company. Working remotely opens up a literal world of opportunities in countries other than your own.

Wrap Up

And that’s a wrap – our 5 reasons why you should work remotely. If you’ve read our list and nodded in agreement at our reasons then maybe you should work remotely too. If you’re a remote worker who has some other pros that you don’t want to go unacknowledged then leave a comment below.

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