How To Fund Your Travels

Lots of us have been there. That trip which was supposed to last a month has been extended, the return date home has been delayed and the thought of returning to that 9-5 job is as appealing as stubbing your toe on the kitchen table. And now there’s another issue. How can I fund my travels? We’re here to help. We’ve come up with a list of potential work opportunities to fund your travels and the websites where you can find them advertised. You can thank us later.

A quick disclaimer before we get started. Annoyingly, finding a well-paid job is like finding a partner on a dating website. It involves a lot of sifting through rubbish and being picky until you find a decent match.

Don’t despair if you can’t find a well-paid job. Remember, salaries and living costs are all relative. Some of the jobs we’ve done pay dreadfully by European standards, but can see us through comfortably while we’re based in Bali. We take the attitude of: ‘we don’t need a massive salary, we just need enough to tide us over’.

Freelance work

This is broad, so we’ll narrow it down to the fields where most jobs lurk.


If you can speak more than one language fluently – utilise it to fund your travels (and know that Ellie is quietly jealous of your bilingual abilities). Translation jobs are easy enough to find on most websites, with some offering the opportunity for long time work. Upwork and Fiverr are some popular choices for finding freelance translation work.

Copy Writing / Content Production

There are dozens of copywriting and content production jobs out there, some asking for the moon in terms of qualifications and others (mercifully) happy with entry-level candidates. Scroll on a few job sites and you’ll soon see the different options available: remote, part-time, full-time etc.

There’s a slight difference between copywriting and content production, so know what you’re applying for. Copywriting focuses on creating engaging, informative or persuasive content. Content production is a more strategic style of writing – lots of focus is given to SEO techniques as well as incorporating different types of media and constant revisiting and analysing of trends to reach as many readers as possible.

Copy Editing

Yes, there’s a difference. While the copywriters do the content creation, the copyeditor will take a look and fine-tune the draft; checking for grammatical errors, factual discrepancies and so forth. It’s a job for those with a keen eye for detail and a great understanding of the English language. Simply being able to speak English isn’t enough – you need a thorough comprehension of English grammar rules.

For copy writing, content production and copy editing jobs; check out these sites:

Upwork (

Freelancer (

Fiverr (

Guru (

Contena (

Freelance Writing Jobs (

MediaBistro (

IT design

This could cover web design, software development and analytic work – just to name a few. If you’re tech savvy, then you’re in with a good chance that someone will be needing your services. Think of all the start up businesses- individuals with entrepreneurial prowess but zero clue on how to set up a website.


There are lots of options to choose from when it comes to teaching. You can make it a temporary thing and set your own hours, choose your own classes etc. or you can go down a more permanent route and turn it into a 9-5 job.

Online teaching jobs will suit the travellers who want to dot around from place to place, and who’d like to choose their own schedule and classes, according to how much money they need. Below are a few links to popular companies where you can work as an online English teacher:





Ginseng English

For anyone wanting a more stable routine then consider teaching English as a second language. It’s the option we went – both of us were ESL teachers for a few years. It’ll be a full-time job but it gives you the chance to save money while living and working abroad. We’ve gone into more detail about ESL/TEFL teaching in this post. Website wise, there are dozens to choose from to help you find a teaching job. The most popular ones (some of which we used) are linked below.

Dave’s ESL Cafe ( (

Teach Away (

Go Overseas (

i-to-i TEFL (

ESL Base (


So for this, the most commonly sought out jobs are the ones that either pay a salary or cover your board and accommodation costs. A job working in a hostel is the most common route to go down. We’ve met people who have turned up to hostels, asked about work and been given a job the same day with an agreement date lasting anywhere between a few months to a year. If simply turning up and hoping for the best isn’t your kind of thing, then check out these websites for your online searches.





It doesn’t stop at hostels. Talented skiers or winter sport enthusiasts can try their hand working at chalet. For anyone with an interest in the entertainment industry, then you can try searching for work on cruise ships. If you’re a sociable extrovert who’s willing to learn (or already knows) how to pull a pint, then working behind a bar is something worth looking into.

CoolWorks (

All Cruise Jobs (

Cruise Ship Jobs (

Bar Work 101 (

Wrap Up

Never fear, there are jobs out there to fund your travels. It’s just a case of finding them, which is the tiresome part. Follow the links we’ve given you in this post and start getting your resume out there. If you’ve managed to get yourself a job then let us know below. What’s the job? What site did you use? Let’s help each other out on this one.

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