Free things to do in Ubud

Money can stretch far in Ubud, as our fiver-survivor challenge taught us, but nothing beats a free day trip.

And we know we’re not the only ones who go gooey-eyed over an outing that has no price tag. So from two budgeteers who are always on the hunt for the free or cheap, here’s our list of free things to do in Ubud.

Camphuan Ridge Walk

Our favourite free spot of them all. A few minutes from downtown Ubud and you’re treated to this gem of a walk. The short and easy Campuhan Ridge was a hit with us, in addition to the stretching landscape of rice fields. Head early for the sunrise view and to beat the swarm of drone-clutching tourists.

Check out our post for all you need to know.

Skcript Waterfall

As waterfalls go, it’s no Niagra. But who are we to be picky when it’s free? Enter through a restaurant and take a few minutes to admire Skcript from the decking (and unintentionally hog the picture-perfect spot). Talking of which, check out not.wanderlusts Instagram to see ours.

Ubud Palace

A free palace? Back in Europe, that would be practically unheard of, but not in Ubud. Though the royal family no longer resides here, Ubud palace remains a cultural hub. You can also check out one of the evening performances for the price of 100k. Or you can do what we did and check out the performance at Uluwatu Temple.

Saraswati Temple

We’re going to describe Saraswati as a ‘water temple’ as it gave the impression of floating on water when we visited (or maybe our blood sugar levels were low and we were just dizzy). A quick Google search told us that this temple is dedicated to the Hindu goddess Saraswati, known for being the goddess of knowledge and wisdom – there you go, one interesting fact for the day (you can thank us later). The temple is a few minutes walk from Ubud Palace and Ary’s Book Cafe – one of our favourite study spots.

Temple Hopping

It feels like Ubud has more temples than London has pubs, which is saying something. So take a few hours to walk aimlessly and admire these free architectural wonders. We’re not going to bother listing our ‘favourite’ temples , they’re all magnificent in their own right.

Rice Fields

If we could amend TLCs famous song it would be: don’t go chasing waterfalls, chase rice fields instead (oh, and you don’t need to chase river either).

Yes, we know it doesn’t have the same ring to it, but it gets the gist across. The fields of Ubud are something else. In fact, we preferred checking out the fields on the outskirts of Ubud than we did Tegalang.

Penny For Your Thoughts

These are just some of the many free things to do in Ubud. Seeing as we didn’t enroll in any free language, yoga, or cooking classes then we weren’t going to write about them. If you did, and have any additions to our list, then let us know in the comment box.

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