Campuhan Ridge, Ubud: The Useful Bits

Mount Batur has been ticked off the checklist (more about it here), and Mount Anung is one for the insanely fit or clinically insane. We wanted a short, relaxing walk near to our accommodation in Ubud and Campuhan Ridge fitted the bill perfectly.  To get an idea of what the place looks like, check out our reel

Campuhan Ridge is an easy walk, with no steep climbs and therefore no expletives from us. All you need is a pair of trainers and a bottle of water (‘bo’le of wa’er’ if you’re from England like Ellie).

Getting there

The trail starts at Warwick Ibah: Luxury Villas and Spa. Depending on where you are in Ubud, you could walk to the start of the trail. Our accommodation was based 3km away. So, taking into account our early morning sloth energy, we decided to get a Grab to the start which cost us around 10k.

Thanks to all the handy signs it’s easy to get to the ridge from Warwick Ibah, and this is coming from a person with the map-reading skills of a drunken sailor. Simply follow the arrows.

Easy peasy. 

Walking Campuhan Ridge

Flanked on either side of the paved trail are rice fields with that distinctive green that we’ve come to associate with Bali. The trail itself isn’t a loop – you’ll walk to the end and double back on yourself. Roughly, it’s a sixty-minute round trip, which includes taking some time to appreciate the view and send gloating pictures to people back home (they’ll return the favour at some point so it’s fine). 

You don’t need to deck out in hiking gear. A pair of trainers is enough. And, as if often the way, arriving early works out in your favour. 

We left our accommodation at 6ish and arrived ten minutes later, just after sunrise. We walked at the coolest time of the day and (mercifully) left just in time before the swarm of wasp-like sounding drones arrived at around 8 am. If this is a trigger for you too, then we recommend you do the same.

And there you have it. An easy walk to kick-start your morning without breaking the bank. You can thank us later.

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