Hiking in Sri Lanka: Should I Pick Sigiriya or Pidurangula?

It’s the question that’s asked a lot on forums about hiking in Sri Lanka: should I visit Sigiriya or Pidurangula? We asked ourselves the question before deciding on our answer. In this post, we’re going to tell you why we picked Pidirangula.


It ultimately came down to this. We are travelling on a shoestring budget. The cost of an entrance ticket to Sigiriya is 35 USD, whereas an entrance ticket to Pidurangula is 1000 LKR (3,2 USD / 2,9 euro). For us, paying less for Pidurangula meant that we could afford a trip to Dambulla Temple Caves.

The Hike

We were told that the Piduragula hike was a little more challenging than Sigiriya, but nothing outrageously difficult. Towards the summit, you’ll need to scramble over rocks. We never felt unsafe, or out of our depth fitness-wise. It just made for an adventure and one that had us smiling with sweaty triumph. If you’ve got any sort of mobility issue or physical complaint, then we wouldn’t recommend it.

The most popular time to hike Pidurangula is just before sunrise or sunset. We did neither. Why? Well, we’ve seen our fair share of sunrise hikes – the most recent being Mount Batur in Bali. We didn’t feel like we were missing out. If you’re planning on doing either sunrise or sunset, then bring a torch.

Good decision on our part because it meant we had the entire summit to ourselves. Not another soul in sight. Just us and the views.

The View

If you check out our reel and pictures, you’ll see the iconic view. The pictured rock is Sigiriya. We reasoned that if we were to hike Sigiriya, then we wouldn’t actually get to see the rock itself from a distance. The only way to see the rock itself with the Sri Lankan jungle backdrop is by hiking its neighbour: Pidurangula.

Wrap Up

We’re not wasting your time with lengthy explanations about either rock’s history. You’re welcome. There’s information worth knowing when you’re hiking in Sri Lanka. The rest is background noise.

Let us know what you decide – the more opinions the better. We’re always eager to hear your thoughts.

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